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This part of the website is being completely re-done and, when completed, will consist of 3 separate pages featuring our sires, our dams, and, of course, our wonderful puppies.  Some pictures of our newest sire have been uploaded to the appropriate page and a few pictures of our dams have also been uploaded.  We hope to have the Bullmastiff pages completely up and running in the next couple of weeks.  Please check back.  Thank you!
Introducing The Bullmastiff
The Bullmastiff originated in England in the early 1800's, the result of crossing Olde English Bulldogs with English Mastiffs.  In the 1800's, poaching game from large estates became  a major problem and Gamekeepers' lives were often in danger.  They wanted a tough dog that could wait silently as a poacher approached, attack on command and subdue, but not maul the poacher. The Mastiff wasn't fast enough and the Bulldog wasn't big enough so they crossed the two breeds in an attempt to create the perfect guard dog to protect the estates. What they got was aptly named the “Gatekeeper's Night Dog.”  Eventually, breeders decided that propagating a purebred Bullmastiff was preferable to continued pairing of Bulldogs and Mastiffs. They decided that a perfect combination would be sixty percent Mastiff and forty percent Bulldog. By the early 20th century, such dogs had been bred, and the Bullmastiff was recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1924. The breed was concurrently introduced to the United States, where it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1933.
Today's Bullmastiff no longer plays a significant role as the working dog he was bred to be.  He is now better known as a family companion and friend and, in that role, you couldn't ask for a better dog.  It's important to understand the original purpose of the breed though as some of his behaviours and personality traits are explained by it.     Bullmastiffs have retained an innately protective nature.  They are naturally suspicious of strangers.  Mine will often simply place themselves between me and someone they don't know and quietly make it  impossible for the person to get physically close to me.  They are protective but sane and stable.  They are intensely loyal to their families.  They are drawn to children and are incredibly tolerant and gentle with them.  Again, without proper socialization, some can become overly protective of the children in their families, to the point where they will even be defensive towards the kids' playmates.  It's not only important but a responsibility to make sure that a Bullmastiff pup is well socialized to avoid over protective behavior as an adult dog.  These are big dogs so it's inexcusable not to socialize them well and train them  to be good canine citizens.  Remember that behaviours that are cute when a Bullmastiff is a 30 lb pup are not so cute when he's 150 lbs.  With good socialization, Bullmastiffs get along well with everyone, including other pets in the home.
Bullmastiffs, as I know them, are very sensitive yet headstrong dogs.  On the one hand they can be stubborn yet, on the other, they are crushed if their human is angry or displeased with them.  Accidentally step on a toe and your big Bullmastiff may flee from you with his tail between his legs and refuse to talk to you for hours.  It may take lots of coddling and treats to convince him he's going to live and that you aren't going to deliberately stomp on his toe every time you go near him.  His feelings are easily hurt.  This makes for  an interesting training experience based on a delicate balancing act.  Because he is headstrong and stubborn, your  voice and body language must communicate that you are a firm, no nonsense leader who WILL get what you want.  You will have to be persistent and consistent to achieve the behaviour and obedience you desire but you must Never yell at him or strike him or lose patience with him as he is easily crushed and made timid.  Firm, steady, and kind will give you the results you're looking for while, at the same time, telling your Bullmastiff that you are a stable leader he can trust implicitly.  
Bullmastiffs form a deep, lasting bond with their families.  Their loyalty and adoration are all consuming.  Others will be tolerated but you are his world entire.  His greatest need and joy is to be with you, near you, preferably leaning on you or laying on and trapping your feet.  He desires physical contact with you, lives for your companionship.  This is not a breed that adjusts well or easily to being moved from family to family or shelter to family.  Please be sure that you are settled and stable and in a position to make a life long commitment to a Bullmastiff before bringing one into your family.  Once he has bonded with you, he is yours and you are his.  
I am SO a lap dog!!
Such a rough life.
King's Ransom, 18 Months 
Harley, our own pup from Merlin and Umbah
Zoey, Harley's sister from Merlin and Umbah
Silver, one of our own from Merlin and Karma.  Unique, rare color.
Umbah, 5 years old and now retired.
Merlin, 8 years old and now retired.
Luna, 2, our own pup from Merlin and Umbah
Casey, from Merlin and Umbah
Maple, deep, red brindle, from Merlin and Karma.  Unique, rare color.
December 11, 2015 R.I.P.   Passed on in his sleep.  Our buddy Merlin has given us so many pleasures .  Will never forget his explosions of cuteness he possessed
Tank and Maddy


Merlin and Baby Suki
Ransom and Casey