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28 May, 2013

It's been a busy week for Bullmastiff puppies.  After tomorrow we'll have just 4 females left from Luna's litter.  They've been a great bunch of pups and we'll miss them... even though they did behead a lot of our flowers.  We're looking forward to updates and pictures from their new families.

Yesterday we picked up our new, used truck from Kemptville Auto Sales.  It runs really well and has lower kilometers than most of the vehicles I've had over the past 5 years.  We have lots of work for it to do.

The teacup Shih Poos are getting cuter by the day.  The y are 5 weeks old now and so tiny.  They play and growl at each other, making a sound more like a buzz saw than a growl.  They will go to the vet on 12 June for final check-ups.  They all seem very healthy, just very, very small.

We're still plugging away at the gardens.  It's starting to look pretty nice.  There are still a lot of seedlings to plant and one of our neighbours brings more plants every other day as she thins her own gardens.  I can't wait till everything grows up and is in bloom.  Jan's father came with his rototiller and tilled up a large area for a veggie garden for us but we're going to be a while yet picking out the clumps of grass and weed and the roots.  There just aren't enough hours in a day.
Posts from Apr 9 - May 16, 2013
By Jan: 
      While the onward battle of building gardens, grooming,cleaning up we have a few other projects on the go.  We have an old travel trailer that I emptied out yesterday, preparing to completely gut  and start over make it into a little cottage.  I had to put the garden tools somewhere so i cleaned up our shed where the freezers are, and set it up and storage and workspace as well. It was tiring but it was a big accomplishment as well.  Leah worked her magic in the flower bed beside the shed while i organized the shed.  Leah first had to pull left over weeds, then she put her maure in and cultivated the ground spaced out some of her cool Bee balm plants.  
29 May, 2013

I called Gerry today about clearing the area where we want to build a workshop.  He dropped by this evening to discuss the job.  On Monday he will be moving the pile of rock you can see in the 6th picture above as well as a pile of sand that is too close to our proposed building site.  He will also use the backhoe to dig up an apple tree that's on the building site and dig the hole that will be its new home.  With the site cleared, he will then remove the grass and soil right down to the bedrock in an area 20' X 28'.  The workshop will be 16' X 24' so he'll clear an area that allows and extra 2 feet on all sides.  Once the bedrock is exposed, he will bring in about 16 yards of road gravel to level up the building site.  He will put all the soil he takes off in a pile for us to use later in gardens or low spots in the lawn.  By the end of the day we'll be ready to pour the cement pads that the 12 piers will sit on.

Jan was swinging the chainsaw again today, clearing the remaining brush from the building site and from the lane we plan to have in front of the CoverAll that will allow access to the property behind the workshop.  You should see the brush fly when she gets going!
16 November, 2013