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Alyssa and Mia
Frances and 
Brent and Brigitta and Buddy 
Merrique and 
 I first visited Jan and Leah in September of 2011 to checkout a black teacup Poodle. The little pup won my heart immediately, and in talking with Jan and Leah my mind quickly followed. The breeders are caring and kind and they love their dogs. They make sure their pups are going to like minded homes. We searched for over a year to find the right breeder and dog. We have a happy healthy, playful puppy. Cricket is now 6 months old and things are great. Thank you Jan and Leah! Chrissy

Penny is the sweetest little girl. She has such a wonderful disposition and temperment. She even made it onto the CTV news cause she melted everyone's hearts when she visited the station. Check her out on you tube "Penny on CTV". Anyways I just want to thank you both Jan and Leah for taking such good care of her and being so considerate to my situation. There is no question you love your dogs and all their little offspring. Thank you. Thank you. Penny and I are totally inseperable. My new best friend. 
 Elaine       Monday, 10/24/11, 11:49 AM

    Thank you so much for my baby girl. She is just the perfect little princess. I am really impressed and happy to have dealt with you, the difference is in the quality and love that you show to all your dogs. It was a pleasure meeting you both! a very very happy new mommy to her fur-baby       Elaine
Brian and CareyMonday, 12/19/11, 7:18 PM

We just wanted to say thank you again so much for our new puppy...he has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is such an amazing dog...very easy to train and so much fun to play with. We now have had him for 3 months and are so looking forward to celebrating Christmas with him. Thank you both Leah and Jan for taking such amazing care of Toby before we brought him home and for being there for us with all the questions we had for you in the first few weeks. We are so lucky to have found the perfect breeders. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Brian and Carey
Brent & Brigitta NixonMonday, 3/19/12, 1:43 PM

We just adopted an adorable little Pomeranian puppy from Jan and Leah. We are thrilled with this little fellow and enjoy his lovely disposition and assertive personality. He is very playful, curious and very used to being handled. He is also quite comfortable with using a paper or going outside for elimination. This is a very well-adjusted, happy, healthy little pup. Thank you to Jan and Leah.

.             AlyssaWednesday, 3/21/12, 10:20 AM

   After many days searching online for the right puppy I cam across small wonders kennel and I couldn't be happier I did. My little Pomeranian puppy is absolutely perfect for me, and at only eight weeks old I was surprised and delighted when she went on her pee pads right away. Obviously these babies were loved from day one and it shows in the way they've grown up and become wonderful little puppies. The contract and health certificate are just an added bonus, making me feel very secure about my dogs health and life. Thank you again so much Jan and Leah! I really look forward to growing up with Mia :)
Cricket at 9 months

Titan with his new best bud Tonka  
Ryan and Miranda 
The Pezoulas July 07,2012.
One very spoiled puppy to be.  This is London 
Luna the  bigger of the two females has found her evening spot 
Proud new puppy parents Lordele and Alex

This little man has moved on to his new home.
JULY 2012


Hi Jan and Leah.. It's me Penny. I am now a year old and I love learning new tricks (they are so easy and I get delicious treats so what the heck!) I love playing with big dogs not those tiny chihuahua types no not challenging enough for me. I love my mom and go with her to all sorts of interesting places. I guess being only 3.5 lbs it isn't a problem I just go in a dog bag that looks like a purse. I am also volunteering and am a therapy dog at a long term care facility. They just love me. In fact wherever I go people seem interested in me. They ask my mom the same questions. Where did you get her, how old is she, what kind of dog is that , that is the smallest dog I have ever seen and will she get any bigger than that. Anyways I wanted to say hi again and will keep in touch. You guys were awesome taking care of me until I was ready to be with my new best friend/mom… Love Penny

Daisy and Cricket
 Born 21 Mar 2012   Today 21 March 2013.   From Mrs Charest Penny has turned out to be a real  knockout.  

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