What Is A Hybrid And Why Would You Want One?

In the world of dogs, a hybrid is any dog that is a cross of two different pure breeds.  In other words, both parents are purebreds but they are each a different breed, ie., the father is Poodle and the mother is Cocker Spaniel.  The puppies that would result from breeding these two would be hybrids, also known as "Designer Dogs".   There are some definite advantages to owning a hybrid dog.  We all know or have heard that the mixed breed dog is genetically healthier, has a stronger immune system, more stable temperament and, in general, fewer issues than their purebred counterparts.  There is plenty of research to support this claim.  Mixing up the gene pool introduces new vigor to the species.  In almost every pure breed known in North America there has been some line breeding at some time.  Line breeding means that pups are bred back to dogs that share their lineage in order to retain a particular trait or even to exagerate a particular trait.  This type of breeding, eventually, leads to genetic defects, weakened immune systems, a predisposition to disease, and even unstable temperament.  Good breeders will often import new breeding stock from another country to strengthen their bloodlines and to ensure that there is no possibility of shared lineage.  Breeding one pure breed to a different but equally pure breed achieves the same strengthening of  the gene pool and immune system while giving more predictability to the physical and personality traits than could be expected in a mixed breed dog.  Theoretically, the hybrid puppy could have better health, temperament, and longevity than a purebred dog.  Some caution is needed however.  There are hybrid breeders who are careless just as there are purebred breeders who are careless and irresponsible.  A good breeder, whether of purebreds or hybrids, will only allow mating between dogs of superior health and temperament.  Not all breeders are good or responsible.  There have always been those that would allow mating between dogs of inferior quality.  The puppies sold by those breeders are, obviously, more likely to have genetic deffects, higher propensity to illness and disease, and/or questionable temperaments.  Whether the pup you bring into your life is purebred or hybrid, be sure it comes from a breeder who cares deeply about the well-being of the dogs and puppies in his/her care.  Ask for a vet reference.  There are few vets who will risk their own reputation by recommending a breeder of questionable ethics.  A good breeder will be breeding hardy, good-natured dogs that have exhibited no health or temperament issues  or major flaws as described for the breed's standards.  You should be able to expect your hybrid to live a long, healthy, happy life.  That certainly is the goal here at Small Wonders Kennel.

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This page was last updated: November 20, 2018
Please note, if you have small children, that all puppies will jump up, play tug-of-war with shoe laces, and nip at little fingers.  This is how puppies play with their siblings.  They have to learn that they can't play this way with their human friends.  Learning is a process that takes a bit of time and patience from the entire family.  There is a lot of information available online to help you train your puppy and we encourage you to use these resources as well as puppy training books to help make this a smooth process for you and your puppy.  I am trying to get information up on this website that will address all areas of care and training but it takes time, a commodity we seem to be short on here.  Our puppies love children but may not yet understand that sharp little nails and teeth are not appreciated during play.  Please be sure you and your family are ready to commit to caring for and training a canine baby.  We really want our puppies' adoptive families to be for keeps.
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