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Jan and I have shared many dreams but the two at the top of our mutual list have been to have a kennel and to build a workshop.  The dream of a kennel was realized years ago and now, finally, so has the workshop.  We spent months checking kijiji ads for used lumber, deck blocks, roofing tin, flooring, doors, windows, etc. and chased down every good deal we found.  By last spring (2013) we had accumulated enough materials to get started.  We built our 16' X 24' workshop over the summer and fall and were ready to move in the tools, plans, paints, and paint brushes by the end of October.  Workbenches, shelves, tables and racks were all found on kijiji.  Even the wood stove that kept us so toasty warm and cozy all winter was purchased from a seller on kijiji.  Using re-purposed materials was not only cost effective but also so environmentally friendly.  We absolutely love this little haven of creativity and calm.  Both Jan and I have always loved to mess with wood and paint and bits and pieces of nature to create something beautiful and unique.  Now we have a place to do it, to let our imaginations run free.  We hope you'll like our creations and enjoy seeing them as much as we've enjoyed making them.  If you like our work but want something different drop us a line and tell us about it.  Chances are we can make it for you. 

Thank you for dropping by!  
Here's a little picture tour of our workshop from the ground up: